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Duraplate 289 High Performance Walkway Enamel
TUF-TOP DURAPLATE 289 is a single component, LOW VOC LOW ODOR pigmented acrylic coating. Based on Nano
Technology, D-289 demonstrates outstanding adhesion to a wide range of substrates including most coatings.

TPU-188 Duraplate Acrylic Urethane
TPU-188 Duraplate Acrylic Urethane is a high quality acrylic polyurethane with quick drying times.

WBU Waterbased 2K Urethane
WBU DURAPLATE ACRYLIC URETHANE is a high quality, water based acrylic polyurethane with quick drying times.

WT-113 Two-Part WB Epoxy
TUF-TOP WT-113 is an extremely durable, chemical resistant, 2 component Water Based Poly Amide Epoxy
Enamel for use on masonry floors and walls, as well as metal.